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Fort Collins Chiropractor | Dr. Mark Oberg

Welcome To Oberg Chiropractic at Chiropractic Associates of Fort Collins

I am so honored to serve my Fort Collins patients and have been doing so since 2004. It is a blessing to me that I get to call this service my work because I enjoy it so immensely. Give me a minute to tell you how Oberg Chiropractic at Chiropractic Associates of Fort Collins is different and how we might be a good fit to help you.

I work to serve you not your insurance. No one can serve two masters; because of this I am not an in-network insurance provider but I do accept insurance. Many patients take advantage of a chiropractic cash discount plan called ChiroHealth USA which allows me to legally give you a cash discount and helps me to focus on your health care and not on the restrictions and the struggle between getting the care you need vs. what insurance wants to pay for it. I do accept insurance and will file for you with Medicare, auto cases and others when it makes since but I am here to serve you not your insurance company.

Chiropractic Background

I am a proud Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate. Many long time patients familiar with chiropractic seek Palmer grads. I have additional training from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego where I am a graduate of the Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology program and have helped many car crash patients regain their health after a crash. For those who choose to maintain their health and wellness after being in pain I will help them move on to a new phase of care after the crash. I love helping people go from hurting to wellness care like going form Physical Therapy exercises for an injury to non-injury exercises at a gym to maintain good health. I love serving people and have the training to do so.

One other thing that makes my practice stand out from the other Fort Collins chiropractors is my desire to measure the results. I track the changes (when necessary) with x-rays. X-rays not only rule out patients who are not chiropractic candidates but can better help me give an accurate prognosis. Meaning I can then better assess what kinds of changes might be accomplished. X-rays are not necessary for every patient for example the young children looking for wellness care likely won’t need x-ray films but a child with scoliosis likely would. So after an exam and evaluation you may need to have some films taken of your spine, and we can do that in house.

Another thing that sets Oberg Chiropractic at Chiropractic Associates of Fort Collins apart is exercise. We do a stress test to see if you are strong enough for spinal hygiene exercise. If you are strong enough then you can start on exercises to help maintain your adjustments and help restore spinal integrity as much as possible. If you are not strong enough for these exercises, and some are not, then you will need to start with different exercises to build your strength prior to the spinal hygiene exercises.

Chiropractic Care Can Help

Oberg Chiropractic is not for everyone. However if you’re looking for a practice that will put you first, the Doctor is a Palmer grad, desires to measure the results and will recommend exercises then give our Fort Collins chiropractic office a call and let’s see if we can help you.

Dr. Mark Oberg | Chiropractor Fort Collins | (970) 207-0274