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New Patients

When you walk into Oberg Chiropractic at Chiropractic Associates of Fort Collins, you’ll be greeted with a genuine smile and a handshake. Our team has created a warm, caring environment. You’ll immediately feel hopeful that a positive change is coming your way!

Your First Visit

You can fill out paperwork ahead of time or complete these forms in the office. When you’re done, you’ll be walked back to our examination room where our fact-finding mission will begin. You’ll meet Dr. Oberg to talk about your concerns. If we think that you can benefit from what we do, we’ll do an examination and evaluation, which includes computerized scans. We can take X-rays on-site if needed. Altogether, this visit takes about an hour.

Your Second Visit

Before you arrive, Dr. Oberg will have taken the time to go over all your examination findings and X-rays, if taken. You’ll be told about all results and our plan to help you. All your questions will be answered. If appropriate, you’ll be given a chiropractic adjustment. This visit takes about half an hour.

Subsequent Visits

Your follow-ups will vary in length depending on what is involved in your plan. For example, if you’ve had a loss of a spinal curve and need to make structural changes, you’ll do warmup exercises with Pettibon exercise equipment before your adjustment. You might wear head or body weights while walking or stand on our power plate to increase your bone density and muscle mass. You can count on each appointment taking 15-45 minutes.

You can use any credit card or your health savings account to cover the cost of care. Call or email us now to set up your appointment!


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